Stories of Stroke Rehabilitation — Reimagined

Inspiration from stroke survivors, caregivers, and therapists — read their stories and be amazed.


I Needed to Perform Again

It was a sunny afternoon on April 10 in 2016, and I had taken a break from my acting class, and a classmate and I went to enjoy a light lunch at a local pizza restaurant.  As we sat down,…
Nicole Roca
March 11, 2022

Good Samaritans Acted F.A.S.T.!

It was a normal Wednesday morning in December 2020.  I went out for my usual morning run. About halfway through I suddenly felt the worst headache I had ever experienced. Next thing I knew, I collapsed to the ground along…
Andrew Poon
December 3, 2021

This Thing Called Aphasia

I had a stroke and aphasia on September 26, 2011. I was an associate dean at The Heller School at Brandeis University when I fell down on Main Street, Waltham, MA. I lost my language and could not read, write…
Tom Broussard
October 25, 2021

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The morning of November 9, 2016 started off fine. I was traveling for business, en route from New York to Boston to attend a dinner. But as I was driving a rental car to LaGuardia Airport, my speech stopped and…
Tom Ryan
June 20, 2021

JudyAnn Edwards Stroke Experience

An Ischemic Stroke, and Aphasia, brought me closer to being Brave and enjoying Music The past 14 years have been constant work to overcome my Ischemic Stroke.  I have made great progress; however, the challenges were not small.  For example,…
JudyAnn Edwards
June 17, 2021