About Champion the Challenges

Our mission is to reimagine stroke rehabilitation for the world.

The Foundation

We have created our foundation to focus on helping stroke survivors, therapists, family and friends reimagine stroke rehabilitation. It is a journey everyone needs to be a part of for the best results. You will find inspiring ideas and helpful resources for everyone to use and share.

Deb’s Stroke Timeline

As a three-time stroke survivor, I learned a lot over the past four years. Some of my lessons were great and others I don’t want to ever relearn, however I will share it all with you. While I am still on the rehabilitation journey, I understand what life is like post-stroke and will offer ways to motivate everyone involved.


We are building a team at Champion the Challenges that is focused on helping Bob and I achieve our mission. We will be adding a set of advisors over the next 6 months that share our passion to create lasting impact.