The Foundation: Champion the Challenges

Our mission is to reimagine stroke rehabilitation for everyone.

Our Focus and Values:

We Inspire you with ideas and exercises that will help you Champion the Challenges of stroke rehabilitation.

We Encourage you with success stories and share new technology that you might find helpful.

We Understand what your family is going through and offer ways to persevere.

We Listen and share ideas that are positive and helpful from our donors.

How To Use Champion the Challenges

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How Donations Help

You help fund the continued creation of booklets, video and inspirational stories that are given to stroke survivors and their family and referenced by many therapists.

You help fund the research and reviews of new stroke rehabilitation technology.

Your donation helps us provide hard copy booklets for stroke survivors, leaving hospitals and rehabilitation centers, to take home and use throughout their recovery. As we create new material, your financial contribution helps countless survivors and their families.

A Foundation

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