Aquatic Therapy

Explore how water might be the next type of therapy to help you improve your movement and range of motion.

The buoyant nature of water and its refreshing feeling have always been a therapy that most patients enjoy. This is especially true when land-based therapy Is difficult due to the lack of mobility. Being more confident in the water enabled me to push myself harder as I didn’t worry about tripping. The level of mobility by exercising both my arms and legs really gave me a workout.

"Water is a great healing therapy. I personal went to water therapy at Timpany Center and worked with a therapist in the pool, helping my mobility." —Deb Shaw

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Relearn Physical Skills

Buoyancy helps with balance and mobility. Reduced friction can help you exercise more muscles.

Strength and Control Resistance

General friction provided by the water can help in a safe and effective environment.

Safety First

Always explore with your therapists and doctors first.