In September 2016, I survived a PONS Ischemic Stroke in my sleep, a blood clot that was at the stem of my brain immobilizing my dominant right-side. I spent 7 days in ICU and one month in Good Samaritan Hospital, Mission Oaks Campus for in-patient rehabilitation.

I avoided some complications of a second stroke in December 2016, when, in my Doctor’s office, I was having a monthly exam, and stroke symptoms were happening. I was rushed to the ER, and the team administered the TPA-IV immediately and I spent 6 days in the hospital. In May 2019, the third stroke was a TIA in my right retina spending 5 days in the hospital.

The root cause of my strokes was never uncovered, in fact, I learned that the source of over 40% of strokes is actually left undetermined. Life is a journey and the 3 strokes I survived certainly added some spice to my life experience. Yes, like every stroke survivor, I wish it didn’t happen to me, but after I got that victim thought out of my head, I searched for the lessons learned, and here is what I found.

Image of Bob and Deb playing golf

Life-long friends, the therapists that helped me throughout the rehabilitation process are life-long friends and they are my inspiration and life coaches. I never would have met them, and they changed the way I look at life every day.

The 3 P’s: being Patient, having Positivity and Practicing my exercises have been at the core of my daily activity, and the 3 P’s have helped me in every aspect of life. You might try going on a 7-day mental diet of living the 3 P’s. Be patient in everything, have a positive outlook, and practice your exercises at the same time every day. You will surprise yourself; I sure did.

Life’s Little Joys: I now enjoy the beauty of almost everything life has to offer as my perspective has changed. I see, hear and explore the best of each day and all that is around me. The smell of a good cup of coffee, the sound of a nice golf putt, the taste of a great piece of chocolate, the innocent flight of a hummingbird, a smile from my husband, and the unconditional love and joy of our 2 wire hair fox terriers. Each day is filled with little joys, don’t miss them, you now have a new perspective. “Champion the Challenges” was started because I couldn’t find a source for the inspiration, motivation, technology and helpful stroke stretches, all in one website.

Be kind and have courage to “Champion the Challenges.”
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