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Stroke Stories

Read how stroke survivors tackle real world challenges and persevere. They share their stories and lessons learned—inspiring everyone who reads them.


Learn to recognize the warning signs of a stroke so you can spot them early and help a friend or family member—you never know when someone might suffer a stroke.


Watch our booklets open up on the screen in front of you and read them for free. We wrote booklets for survivors, therapists, family and friends—something for everyone.


Discover some of the newest technology for stroke rehabilitation that can be used during your therapy sessions or at home with family and friends.


Stroke Tree of
Life™ Bracelet

Hand-crafted by a stroke survivor
for stroke survivors


Once Upon A Time

The Inspiring Stroke Tree of Life Story


Wed, Sept 18th

Helping Stroke survivors improve
their Strength, flexibility, and balance
through golf.


Engage Family in Your
Stroke Rehabilitation

Explore ways you and your family
can persevere together.


A New Booklet

Inhale the fresh positive air of life


Explore New

Uncover the newest stroke
rehabilitation technology.


Our Mascot is a Hummingbird

They are magical, remarkable survivors every day.
This mascot can be the "Hero" inside of you, to help society understand the impact of Stroke. Help us share this website with survivors, families, friends and therapists so we all can create a better life after Stroke.

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